How it Works

How does ev charging work?

Level 1


While it’s the most basic option, it’s useful for overnight charging at home or in emergencies when a faster charger isn’t available.

For a 90 kWh battery:
Slowest charging rate: 90 kWh battery capacity * 1 hour/5 miles = 18 hours
Fastest charging rate: 90 kWh battery capacity * 1 hour/2 miles = 45 hours

Level 2
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Level 2 chargers are commonly found at workplaces, public charging stations, and some residential settings. They’re ideal for daily charging needs, such as during work hours or while running errands.

For a 90 kWh battery:
Fastest charging rate: 90 kWh battery capacity * 1 hour/60 miles = 1.5 hours
Slowest charging rate: 90 kWh battery capacity * 1 hour/10 miles = 9 hours

Level 3 (DC Fast Charging)
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DC fast chargers are crucial for long-distance travel and times when you need a quick recharge. They’re commonly found along highways and major routes for convenient pit stops during road trips.

Calculation not provided as DC fast charging does not typically require hours to fully charge due to its rapid charging speeds.

How Can Rooker Energy Solutions Work For You?

In exchange for hosting EV charging stations on your property, Rooker Energy Solutions will install, operate, and maintain the stations at no cost.

Initial Contact and Site Plan Development:

  • Rooker Energy Solutions gathers information from potential client regarding their EV charging needs and locations specs.
  • Rooker Energy Solutions and certified EV installation electricians develop a site plan ensuring minimal disruption to client’s daily operations.
  • Site plan is revised and approved by Rooker Energy Solutions and the clients.


  • Upon site approval, contract is presented to the client within 3-5 business days.
  • Contract includes terms, responsibilities, and timelines.

Lead-time Communication:

  • After signing the contract, Rooker Energy Solutions communicates the EV installations lead time to the client.
  • Rooker Energy Solutions provides regular updates to the client to ensure transparency and proper planning.

Documentation Preparation:

  • Before installation, Rooker Energy Solutions prepares an provides necessary documents to the client.

  • Documents may include insurance certificates, owner’s manuals for the EV chargers, and any other relevant paperwork

Installation and Future Maintenance:

  • Rooker Energy Solutions oversees the installation of EV charging stations per the approved site plan.

  • Rooker Energy Solutions takes full responsibility for any maintenance on EV charging stations post-installation.

  • Rooker Energy Solutions is alerted to EV charging station issues via cloud computing software, enabling swift resolution.

  • Rooker Energy Solutions monitors daily operations to ensure the seamless functioning of the EV charging stations.

Move Forward

Once a site plan is approved, Rooker Energy Solutions doesn’t just consider our clients as partners; we consider them essential team members.  This commitment to a people-first approach, where your input and expertise are valued, has led to successful outcomes in deploying and maintaining our EV charging infrastructure.  We look forward to connecting with you and establishing a meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship.